Commercial Pool Cleaning Services

pool3_smNot all pool companies are the same. Lido Pool Service is proud to offer a different, better kind of pool service built specifically for the unique needs of commercial clients. Our service technicians are reliable and thorough. We prevent problems with proactive management, however we also respond quickly to pool emergencies.

We take commercial pool service seriously. Our Lido Pool Service technicians follow detailed checklists on each visit. We don’t just test, record, and balance the water, we also check essential pool parts and the pool decking. This helps us spot small issues before they become big (and costly) problems.

Our commercial program includes:

  • Maintain pool chemicals and water quality in accordance with Pima County Health Department Guidelines
  • Monitor automated chemical feeding systems and test water to confirm proper water balance and disinfectant levels
  • Vacuum and brush to remove all debris, clean pool and eliminate dirt, scum, scale, calcium, algae and other harmful deposits in both the swimming pool and the spa
  • Cleaning of the tile and waterline
  • Brushing of the seating areas, steps and walls
  • Emptying the pump, skimmer and leaf baskets
  • Inspecting all equipment for leaks, clogs and other malfunctions
  • Maintaining Accurate Log Sheets in the equipment rooms with specific details of chemical levels for county personnel to view
  • Inspect safety signs and safety equipment
  • Provide advice, insight and knowledge to upgrade, replace and/or repair pool equipment
  • Maintain equipment room in clean condition
  • Communication with management and maintenance personnel regarding condition of pools and spas
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